Join us on December 19th from 10h00-11h00 CET for a groundbreaking webinar hosted by ENTRANCE in collaboration with Inland Waterway Transport (IWT). The focus? "Alternative fuels-related solutions to decarbonize maritime transportation sector." 


This insightful webinar will delve into the challenges faced by maritime stakeholders in their quest to decarbonize. The analysis centers on solutions facilitating emission reduction during inland waterways and maritime navigation. 


The result of the analysis was a market analysis that focuses on searching and mapping available or high-TRL (>7) solutions that allow the use of alternative and sustainable fuels on-board vessels. The webinar will showcase these findings along with the participation of high-level maritime experts. 


Don't miss this opportunity to explore innovative solutions and insights that promise to reshape the maritime industry's approach to sustainability. 


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Join us on the journey towards a greener, low-carbon maritime future! 


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