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Hosted by the European Commission, the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Conference brings together policymakers, corporate leaders, academics, and institutional representatives to discuss specific challenges facing advanced manufacturing. The conference will provide insights for the incoming Commission on current bottlenecks and areas of opportunity, to ensure the industry remains competitive and supports the green transition.

The advanced manufacturing industry is critical in ensuring the European Union achieves its goal of becoming a net-zero economy by 2050, as well as achieving its strategic autonomy and competitive edge worldwide. Industry not only makes the clean tech required for tomorrow's economy. It also supports traditional industrial models to find efficiencies and reduce wastage. 

This conference will address the current and future challenges in the rapidly evolving international manufacturing community. The opening session will set scene by examining where Europe currently stands in the world, and the strategic markets of the future. This will be followed by 3 thematic panels.

The first panel will dive into advanced manufacturing solutions that can support a net-zero future. The second panel will explore the benefits of data in seizing the competitive and innovative potential of the EU's manufacturing industry. Finally, the third panel will discuss the transformative role of generative AI and cutting-edge robotics in manufacturing.

The conference will host thought leaders in manufacturing from industry, research institutions and the public sector to shape this debate and focus for the years ahead.

Sign up for this conference by 29 March.  For more information, please see the detailed agenda and use the links below. This is a hybrid event that can be followed online via a livestream.

Find more information and register here!

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