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Is the main issue of the 5th SSCC conference, that we organise via live stream from The Office of the Trenčín Self-governing Region on 13 April 2022 from 8:20 – 14.00 pm

Recent trends in the energy sector shows, that local governments need to manage the energy consumption actively and systematically.

The main focus should not be only on minimising the energy expenses, but also looking for innovative and sustainable solutions.

The conference What's next with energetics in local governments? wants to provide many practical examples, options and instruments as possible for the application of such measures, which aim at energy self-sufficiency of the regions.

Experiences, opinions, and solutions in the energy field will be presented for the representatives of Slovak municipalities, regions, and other interested parties from public, in a specialized discussion of our members and partners – experts from Slovak businesses, local governments, or universities.

The event will be held under the patronage of the president of the Self-Governing Region of Trenčín, Ing. Jaroslav Baška

(The event will be held in Slovak language without translation.)

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