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3B ICT Network Regional Talks: Challenges and opportunities for the Eastern European, Balkan and Baltic IT industry

How has the IT sector coped with the crisis caused by COVID-19? What are the challenges and opportunities? Are there significant regional differences? What is the European outlook?

Join the event on 22nd June from 12 PM to 14:00 PM (CET) and find out more about the national and European perspectives regarding IT industries development during and post COVID-19.

This virtual event is dedicated to key players from the ICT industry in the region in order to present the current situation in the region on the topic of digitalization, innovation and emerging technologies during and post COVID-19, exchange of expertise and best practices, identify potential for cooperation between the players in the ICT industry in the respective countries, as well as to facilitate and encourage mutual cooperation among all the representatives that will be part of the event.

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Vojvodina ICT Cluster