36 Project Proposals received in the SUSTAIN 1st Open Call!

Submitted by Dimosthenis Io… on 03 November 2023

36 project proposals

After the SUSTAIN’s 1st Open Call deadline on 01/11/2023, we are glad to announce that we received 36 applications, from 42 SMEs originating from 13 countries for financial support, in order to develop new products, services or methods addressing the smart building construction challenges.

This response indicates a high level of interest in sustainable solutions for building construction and SUSTAIN EUROCLUSTER looks forward to supporting the development of innovative and sustainable solutions with the aim of contributing towards a cleaner and brighter future.

This overwhelming response underscores the global interest and commitment within the SMEs community to tackle the challenges associated with smart building construction. The broad participation from SMEs highlights a collective eagerness to contribute to the evolution of the construction industry by developing groundbreaking products, services, or methodologies. These submissions showcase the potential for transformative advancements in addressing the complexities of smart building construction, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared expertise.

Soon, we will start the process of reviewing and evaluating each application. This phase will involve a thorough examination of the proposals, considering factors such as innovation, feasibility, and the anticipated impact on the smart building construction landscape. The goal is to identify projects that align seamlessly with the objectives and criteria of SUSTAIN EUROCLUSTER's financial support program.

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