In order to enhance the economic and trade cooperation between our business and France, and conduct in-depth exchanges on industrial topics such as "carbon neutrality (hydrogen energy application, process optimization, etc.)" and "circular economy", it is hereby specified that (111) January 18 (Tuesday) ) at 3:30 p.m. at the Taipei International Convention Center to hold the "26th Taiwan-France (Country) Economic Cooperation Conference".

Aiming at COP26 to promote carbon neutrality, Taiwan law deepens the exchange of hydrogen energy application and process optimization

In response to the EU's Green New Deal plan, France proposed the "France Revitalization Plan" in 2020, with a budget of 30 billion euros to promote a green economy, including projects such as decarbonization of transportation, decarbonization of enterprises, and hydrogen energy technology development. Among them, hydrogen energy technology is one of the priority projects of the plan, in order to establish France's leading position in renewable hydrogen energy and low-carbon hydrogen technology, aiming to become the source country of 10% low-carbon hydrogen energy supply in the European market, driving the French hydrogen energy industry and Related application market opportunities. This conference will discuss the carbon reduction of industrial processes and the strategic blueprint for enterprises to achieve carbon neutrality

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