21 new companies selected for the SURE5.0 acceleration programme

Submitted by Sonia Piñeiro on 18 April 2024


Discover the lineup of companies in the SURE5.0 Acceleration Programme 2! Chosen for their innovation and dedication to advancing industries like Mobility-Transport-Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and Electronics, these SMEs will receive expert guidance to advance in their digital transformation. These companies will receive individual assessments to design their 5.0 roadmap and tailor-made services, as well as access to the funding phase to implement their transition plan.

ARTZAINAK ➡️ A diversified industrial group with strong rural and local roots, structured around activity-centred business units – aeronautics, boating equipment, farming equipment, construction and energy solutions.

Ascensores Tresa ➡️ Specialized in vertical transportation and mobility solutions, managing everything from design to maintenance, with a focus on innovation. Established in 1983, they have provided elevators to clients in over 40 countries, serving more than 600,000 daily users worldwide.

BLOCK – Guards Your Ride ➡️ Smart, secure & sexy bicycle and scooter docking stations to foster sustainable urban micromobility and to eradicate theft! They take away the burden of worrying while you enjoy your off-saddle activities. Don’t just park your ride. BLOCK it!

C2CAT ➡️ They develop high-performance custom catalysts for hydrogen storage and green fuel synthesis. Their vision is to create innovative routes to sustainability and provide customers with cost-effective catalyst solutions and help them achieve a sustainable outcome.

Distributed Additive Manufacturing ➡️ A circular economy tech platform, born from Imperial College London’s Design Engineering department. They use large 3D printers to upcycle waste into sustainable parts, aiming to create local circular economies and meet corporate ESG goals.

Delta Industrie ➡️ An Italian SME specialized in crafting toolholders, vital components for precise machining in industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical. Their tailored manufacturing, rigorous quality control, and scalable production cater to diverse client needs across various sectors.

go-e ➡️ Manufacture of smart AC charging stations for electric vehicles, providing innovative solutions with high-end features at competitive prices, rooted in sustainability and social responsibility.

Hellenic Technology of Robotics (HTR) ➡️ Build patented, innovative, all-metal flexible wheels for all-metal flexible wheels for harsh conditions. The wheels match the performance of caterpillars, only at a fraction of the cost for fuel / electricity. They also build patented robotic grippers for satellite maintenance and deorbiting.

IGESTEK INCREASE WIN S.L.U. ➡️ Leading company in the development of technology projects mainly for the automotive and aerospace industries: specialized in lightweight solutions using plastics and composite materials. It integrates different hybrid processing techniques with focus on the manufacture of composite materials components.

Kreios Space ➡️ Kreios Space is developing an electric propulsion system for satellites. This technology is called ABEP (Air-Breathing Electric Propulsion) and it allows satellites to orbit closer to Earth without fuel usage.

Luminous Labs ➡️ Enhancing the human healthspan with non-invasive bioactive light for enhanced beauty, performance and longevity by optimizing mitochondrial function. Their CellLightTM spectrum penetrates skin, tissue, and bone, targeting cellular energy production, a key aspect of aging.

MULTIVATIVE ➡️ A solution that provides automatic production of electronic prototypes to speed up testing and to introduce agile hardware development. Their multifunctional machine combines the necessary manufacturing steps into an all in-one production cell.

Ottronic ➡️ Ottronic, with over 35 years of experience, combines start-up innovation with expertise in special electronics, drives, and polymer tech. They collaborate closely with clients in medical, industrial, and mobility sectors, offering tailored electronic system solutions for success and satisfaction.

MAGOS ➡️ A deep tech company focusing on haptic technology for virtual training. Their flagship product, Magos, is a VR haptic glove catering to industries like Industry 5.0, healthcare, and aerospace. Magos provides immersive experiences, disrupting the VR training market with hardware and software components.

Skylife Engineering ➡️ Skylife works in the research, development and manufacturing of innovative and disruptive technological solutions related to power electronics, navigation and digitalization in high-requirement sectors such as aeronautics, the naval sector, Industry 4.0 or defence.

SOBEN ➡️ Landing gear and shock absorber for small aicraft, jet, helicopter, drones and rockets.

T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH ➡️ Physical Solutions, is specialized in the design and manufacture of highly reliable and customized testhardware for semiconductor test. The company supports customers throughout all phases of the product lifecycle: from research and development and test concepts, engineering and design, production, to full after-sales maintenance and support.

Turncircles ➡️ Specialised in custom electric motor and generator tech for Aviation, Space, Robotics, Wind Generation, and Mobility sectors. Their products offer superior power-to-weight ratio, cutting weight, boosting power, and saving energy. With scalable designs based on a parametric model, they ensure shorter lead times, smaller carbon footprint, and swift adaptation to diverse performance needs.

UDX research ➡️ We are developing a hoverbike Airwolf. Hoverbike that everybody can fly.

Visign Space ➡️ The primary goal of Visign is to prototype and test against the market innovative solutions in Electronics and Aerospace. In this endeavour, the company rely on sustained income by selling electronic modules designed and assembled in-house.

Zincatura Botter ➡️ Zincatura Botter Srl is a galvanizing company. We treat various types of metal parts with zinc or zinc-nikel. This type of job requires a lot of manufactory and chemical knowledge. The main function of this work is to protect metal parts from corrosion.

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