We are cordially invited to attend the "15th Taiwan-Hungary (January) Economic Cooperation Conference" to be held on May 25, 111 (Wednesday) at 3:00 p.m. in Room 201DEF, Taipei International Convention Center. Urban Solutions" to explore business opportunities together.

1. The Hungarian government leads the demonstration of digital transformation Digital transformation is already a trend The Hungarian government launched the Digital Success Program in 2015 to formulate a future digital development strategy, which includes education, export development, innovation and child protection, etc. The goal is to enable every Hungarian citizen and business to benefit from digitization. And in 2017, the Digital Success Project 2.0 was launched, which covers various fields of economic digitalization and national and social development. On the basis of the successful digital plan, the DJP2030 digital government strategic framework was established to further promote Hungary's artificial intelligence, sports strategy and digital agriculture. The Hungarian Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd., an applied research company, was also invited to the meeting. The company provides innovation and technology transfer services through cooperation with Hungarian and foreign partner institutions. Currently, it has provided more than 200 companies with multiple professional fields such as smart solutions. , Industry 4.0, agricultural biotechnology, circular economy and other technological solutions.   2. Integrate Taiwan's smart solution technology to assist international partners in localizing solutions "Smart City Co., Ltd." is a cross-domain integrated smart city planning consulting company, and will further establish "Taiwan Smart Solutions Association TSS" in 2021 to provide an integrated platform, including chip, AI, cloud services, 5G and other enterprise professionals Network core solution technology, and assist Taiwan's smart applications to enter the international new blue ocean market. During the meeting, three smart solution suppliers were invited to introduce their products, including Softcast International's AR technology FacePro, Shentong Information's open artificial intelligence IoT platform, and upgraded biomedical biodefense solutions. Hungary's smart city development is quite advanced in hardware, while Taiwan's smart city has outstanding performance in software. The two sides are complementary and can deepen cooperation.

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