WIINTECH pilot projet - 2012/2013

Submitted by Patrick Vuillermoz on 24 February 2016

The project “Worldwide intercluster initiative for new materials and processes focused on clean technologies”, so-called WIINTECH, is proposed within the European Commission initiative launched in april 2011 aiming to promote the internationalization of European cluster and to develop world class cluster practices. In particular, the project is addressing the strand 1 part of the EC call 3/G/ENT/CIP/11/C/N04C011 “Promoting international cluster activities in CIP participating countries” and is co financed under the Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP).

The project WIINTECH is coordinated by the Directorate General for competitiveness, industry and services (DGCIS) from the french Minstry of Industry. BPI France, French public body for SMEs innovation, funding and guarantee is also partner to deal with the management of the project. UbiFrance, the French Agency for International Business Development as a subcontractor in this project has an important role at the operational level for this project and brings all its know-how on the preparations of international missions.

The clusters consortium is constituted by eight leading world-class clusters belonging to the chemical and materials sector - the French cluster Plastipolis, the Austrian cluster Clusterland, the Italian clusters Proplast and Veneto nanotech, the Spanish cluster Plastival, the German cluster Bayern Chemie Cluster, the British cluster NEPIC and the Portuguese Poolnet are going to be part of the partnership with a complementary invited cluster partner from Switzerland.

During the second year, the Wiintech consortia has undertaken to implement their common international strategy established during the first period. This second period has therefore be focused on the contacting with the counterparts identified in the four main countries i.e USA & Brazil (Clean Technologies: Green Transportation and Renewable energies), Japan (Clean Technologies: Green Transportation and Renewable energies Waste management & recycling; High efficient building) and India (Water & Air Management).

It has been decided to organize the related study trips planned during the year 2013 in order to put into place high value added partnerships. For efficiency reason, four Country Lead Partners have been nominated as the logistic Responsable of the mission and the contact point with the counterparts identified: NEPIC for Brazil, Plastipolis for the United States, CCB for India and Veneto Nanotech for Japan.

After this long preparative process, five MoU’s have been signed between the Wiintech clusters and:

- MISSISSIPPI POLYMER INSTITUTE (USA) with a focus of the cooperation on waste management & recycling, green transportation and renewable energies.

- OHIO BIOPRODUCTS INNOVATION (USA) with a focus of the cooperation on waste management & recycling, green transportation and renewable energies

- PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION (India), with a focus of the cooperation on water/air treatment, waste management & recycling and renewable energies

- FEDERATION OF INDUSTRIES OF THE STATE OF RIO GRANDE DO SUL (Brazil) with a focus of the cooperation on clean processes and renewable energies

- NAGANO TECHNO FOUNDATION (Japan) with a focus of the cooperation on waste management & recycling, green transportation renewable energies

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