VIDA Awarded Project - ISV019 - Energy recovery and agricultural waste disposal through rice husk gasification

Submitted by Ana Fernandes on 12 August 2021


03 December 2019 / 03 April 2020

VIDA Challenges:
Sustainable agriculture and efficient greenhouse management

ESE is an engineering company active in the power generation field currently researching several innovative technologies, one of which is biomass and waste gasification. Gasification is a process converting organic material into a fuel known as “syngas”, which feed gas engines to generate energy. In the past, the attempts to implement this technology resulted in several problems, the most crucial being the high amount of tar in the gas, which damages the engines, reducing the overall availability and economic viability of such systems, especially the small ones. ESE aims to successfully implement the technology on a small-to-medium scale, by providing gasification plants to agricultural operators, allowing them to dispose of their agricultural waste and generate both thermal and electrical energy, becoming self-sufficient.

ESE – Engineering Services for Energy SRL

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under Grant Agreement nº 777795.
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