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Submitted by Elisabeth Moli… on 24 January 2017

From 16th to 18th January the VIBE-NATUREEF International Business Event was organized by VEGEOPLYS with the support of all the consortium members, within the framework of NATUREEF, during the European Plant Production trade fair SIVAL in Angers.


The 9 Natureef members, gathered 60 participants, most of them SMEs, from 10 different countries for the seminars about internationalization opportunities. Each participant had the chance to target one specific market between Latina America, China and Philippines. During the seminars, the participants had the opportunity to know the challenges and needs of territories, in order to indentify a combined business offer and prepare the commercial missions. Trips to China, Manila, Peru and Colombia will be organized from April to July.


120 attendees from 20 different countries, including companies, journalists and officials met at Terra Botanica. It was definitely a unique opportunity to prospect and promote business in a casual manner.

Four different SMEs success stories in the better us of natural resources were presented in a round-table discussion before the move to the Tropical Greenhouse for discovering the fabulous gastronomy of the Anjou region.


At this occasion, 230 B2B meetings of 30 minutes were carried out during 6 hours between 130 companies from 20 different countries at VIBE – part of the plant production exhibition SIVAL in the business lounge.

A dedicated online platform was at the disposal of the participants to identify the participants, and book and schedule the meetings.

After the event, good vibes were moving around, among the participants. They saw good prospection and good contacts were done. Most of the companies asked, agreed that B2B went beyond expectations.      

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