VIBE-Natureef International Conference

Submitted by Elisabeth Moli… on 28 November 2016


Within the framework of the European project NATUREFF , the “Internationalization opportunities” international conference is organized to spread information both on solutions that are available to be exploited and demands likely to be fulfilled by available solutions from and for European companies to internationalize on target markets in Latin America, China and the Philippines.

The challenge and excitement can be sum up by the 3C : Coherence on the thematic “new natural efficient resources concepts”, Cooperation between European companies and Complementarity on their cross-sectoral activities .

The synergies we trying to achieve not only puts at stake the entrepreneurial national characteristics but also sectorial diversity among companies, therefore to tackle those challenges the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE proposes to :

  •           Introduce, explain and promote national experiences and solutions
  •           Mentoring and best practices exchanges on foreign target markets: Latin America, China and the Philippines
  •           Group and consolidate cooperation strategies to tackle challenges and exploit opportunities

The NATUREEF CONFERENCE wants to  establish a joint strategy and promote partnerships from and for European companies.

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