UAM a necessary tool to support the development of smart cities

Submitted by CUTULLIC Samuel on 30 May 2022


Subheaded “A Layman’s Summary of UAM/AAM Micromovements,” this FREE 14 page report compiled by MySkautMobility, is a general review of the UAM or as it asks ‘should it be named AAM?
Howdy and welcome to the future right now. Urban Air Mobility is an opportunity that is occurring at the velocity of the internet, smart phones, and digital mobility combined. Consider the highway system. Consider all the vehicles and movement that produce sales, create jobs, grow businesses & sustains commerce. Think about that. Now add another layer of highway system about four hundred feet above that one and envision that system of jobs, infrastructure, and policy over your community. That’s the proffer of Urban Air Mobility.
The premise of UAM has the allure of futuristic tech, which attracts many, while making some think the possibility is somewhat far off. If you want to really sound spooky, add a key enabling component to the mix
- the smart city infrastructure, and many more people conjure images of the dystopian futuristic movie Blade Runner – where the future is 2019.

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