South East Technological University Strategic Plan 2023 to 2028

Submitted by Lauren Scally on 26 May 2023

SETU Strategic Plan

A welcomed strategic plan was announced this week at South East Technological University by Chairperson Patrick Prendergast President Veronica Campbell & Vice President for Strategy Richard Hayes.

The plan, titled “Connecting for Impact”, which sets out SETU’s ambitions to establish itself as the anchor institution for the ongoing development of the south east, was launched this week across four events hosted by two of our #cluster members Unum Ireland and SunLife.

The five-year strategic plan aimed at making SETU become a leading global technological university will involve the development of a new campus in Wexford, a university enterprise quarter at the former Waterford Crystal site on the Cork road in Waterford, and new buildings for the Carlow campus.

Our #clustercommunity welcomes this plan, noting the recognition of smart specialisation and the building of critical mass in key industries with emphasis on both #fintech and #financialservices along with including our cluster in their Innovation Ecosystem (Figure 2 Page 26)

SETU will:
👉 Expand its activities – To take account of regional population growth; – To facilitate increased educational access and, consequently, employment opportunity; – To contribute to inward migration to the region and the retention of population within the region; – To facilitate the benefits that accrue from a global perspective.
👉 Renew its curriculum to take greater account of regional needs and in the light of future skills needs, including – Developing a research-informed curriculum across all of its campuses; – Further developing its apprenticeship programmes; – Targeting recruitment in key areas of regional need.
👉 Transform its approach to student entrepreneurship, increasing the number of students with start-up ideas and experience.
👉 Greatly enhance innovation and research activity in key domains in support of the economic proposition with: – Transformational elevation of capacity and capability in existing areas through targeted and significant investment, including its leadership in the University-Enterprise Quarter; Developing capacity in new domains aligned to regional need, including development of high performing multi-disciplinary centres of excellence; Expanding its support for entrepreneurship and new businesses, and especially connecting together SETU students and faculty with entrepreneurs, agencies, industry partners and investor networks; – Elevating performance towards national and global leadership in disciplines across the university.
👉 Act as a facilitator of cross-regional alignment between the multiple actors engaged in regional development activity, to enhance economic, cultural and social development – Drawing on university expertise to produce reliable, robust, trustworthy regional intelligence that can aid region-wide decision-making and planning

Download the plan here

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