Seminars for Apulian aerospace industry innovation

Submitted by Antonio Zilli on 09 June 2017

The Apulian Cluster for Aerospace Technology, with the collaboration of its members and other national and international organizations, organizes a series of seminars for highly skilled students and aerospace industrial operators. The planned semnars follow:

Aeronautic certification EN9100/2016

Protecting competitiveness in the global market by continuosly improving processes, products, service and performances

15-16 June 2017

Politecnico di BARI in TARANTO.

Supply Chain Management - SAP/R3

Boosting competitiveness by reducing uncertainty and improving service provided to customer

27 June 2017

University of Salento in BRINDISI

New entrepreneurship and policies supporting start-up

Toward new entrepreneurhsip: young, enterprise, innovation. Success cases. From business plan to fund raising strategies

11 July 2017

University of BARI in BARI

Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) and regulations

Rules and procedures for the development of the RPAS market and of the related services

14 July 2017

University of Salento in LECCE

Additive manufacturing

Design, performance and costs of high-tech parts for aerospace, energy and automotive industries

- New product development

18 July 2017 09:30 - 13:00

University of Salento in LECCE

- Repairing processes for aeronautic parts

18 September 2017

Politecnico di BARI in BARI

Detailed information to come

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Aerospace Technology District
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