Second Steering Committee meeting and workshop with companies in Bilbao

Submitted by Ander González on 07 May 2018

The 26th of April it took place the Second Steering Committee meeting of ELBE project in Bilbao. Besides, the 27th of April, ELBE partners had the opportunity to present the capabilities of their regions in Blue Energy to more than 15 Basque companies.

During the first day, ELBE partners discussed the development of the project so far and they established the most critical points of the project to accomplish in the next months. In order to succeed in these critical points, several actions were established during the meeting to define better the activities to be carried out in the Networking Workshops and the dates of these workshops. The ELBE ESCP also defined the 5 markets which will have a further analysis and that wil probably become the Target Markets for the second phase of the project.

The ELBE ESCP also defined the presentacion of the partnership, which will be presented in several international events and exploratory visits to some target markets in order to announce the ESCP to several entities, organizations and companies in Europe and beyond Europe.

The second day of the ELBE partners' visit to Bilbao, each partner presented to more than 15 Basque companies specialized in Blue Energy the capabilities and strengths of each region in this sector. This way, the ELBE ESCP promoted regions of Scotland, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark in order to attract the Basque companies to the future Networking events that will be organized during the project in the regions of these countries. The ELBE partners also gain some knowledge of the industrial activity in the Basque Country regarding the Wave Energy sector due to the presentation of key companies in this area, mostly developers of Wave Energy Converters.

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