ROeVOLUTION- the launching event of the National Council for Digital Transformation

Submitted by Bianca Muntean on 02 November 2020

An essential step towards the digital transformation of Romania consists in strengthening the collaboration between the public and private sectors. For this reason, Autoritatea pentru Digitalizarea Romaniei created the National Council for Digital Transformation (CNTD)- a digital market but also a technical organism where public institutions and private IT&C partners will set the right course for a Digital Romania that is closely connected to EU and NATO state partners.

Bianca Muntean, Transilvania IT Cluster manager and Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub coordinator is a member of the CNTD Board alongside important stakeholders in the country, including partners of Transilvania DIH, the Babes-Bolyai University and the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca.

The launch of this Council was held in a hybrid environment (online and offline) and it took place Tuesday, October 27th 2020, where the membrs of the Board outlined the importance of having such an entity for the future of Romania.

Prof. Univ. Dr. Dan Lazar, Pro-rector of the Babes-Bolyai University: “What would have happened in the past six months, if there had been no digital transformation pandemic? I can honestly tell you that things would have been completely different, and speaking for the point of view of the institution I represent, I am certain that my colleagues in universities or those in the economic sector, we wouldn’t be here today. What we did in terms of digital transformation in the past six months, we haven’t done in many years. (…) Digitalization came to be a way of life and an instrument we use in our everyday life. At the University level, we noticed that the recipe to success consists in partnerships. As long as there are not partnerships between the public administration, the business sector, universities and the civic society, the recipe is set for failure. At a Cluj level, we are where we are at an economic level, as well as administrative, due to the good collaboration between entities. ”

Prof. Univ. Dr. Engineer Vasile Topa, Rector of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca: “I believe the future is in the eye of the beholder. With all of us here today, part of this initiative is absolutely commebdable, I believe we must look towards this future. We enthusiastically launched similar projects and they then slowly faded away. I hope the same thing won’t happen this time and I strongly believe it won’t, for a series of reasons. First of all, because I acklowledge what this Council is made of and I have faith in the strength of these companies, and by the power of those involved, this action and Romania will get where it should have been long ago. (…) I wish that this initiative and our joint actions will merge towards the same purpose.”

Bianca Muntean spoke about the importance of Digital Innovation Hubs in Romania and about the importance of a shared vision regarding the digital transformation processed in Romania.

“First, I would like to thank the Authority of the Digitalization of Romania, which shows that building this organism trusts the private sector as well, an aspect we didn’t often come across in our activities when it comes to central public authorities. Even though I represent Transilvania IT Cluster, the entity that coordinates Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub, I will also speak for my colleagues, who in the past few years have built these digital innovation centers at a national level, and for the IT Clusters, members of CLUSTERO- The National Organization of Romania Clusters. I must tell you that for the past 7-8 years we built experience to encourage collaboration at an ecosystem levels because part of the structures we represent are local public authorities, universities, SMEs, startups, large companies, research centers and other relevant entities. There is expertise, there si collaboration both formal and informal, which is why I would like to send out a message on behalf of my colleagues and the team I represent and the message is that we intend to approach this Council as vector and a driver for the digitalization in Romania because we have examples of real and qualitative clotting of the ecosystems we represent. We want to contribute with our know-how and our resources to what digitalization processes mean that are proposed and coordinated by ADR and we also plan to watch the stand taken regarding digitalization, and not just in terms of followers, but as partners as well, at national, local, regional, European and international levels. We believe it is extremely important for us to work together in building a joint vision and our wish of accelerating the digital transformation process so Romania becomes one of the states with the most accelerated digital transformation growth in the EU. You have a real partner in DIHs and within the Romanian clusters in order to reach your goals. I talk about DIHs because they include the non-IT area, those companies in need of digital transformation, as well as the public authorities sectors.", declared Bianca Muntean.

CNTD will act as a consultative organ for ADR and will outline the necessary directions in the elaboration of public policies in the sector of digital transformation. Because Romania is emarking on the accelerated path to digitalization with two major vulnerabilities- lack of essential pillars such as an electronic identity or interoperability, and limited digital skills, CNTD will be a tool in identifying the best solutions for digitalization and to diminish the weak spots of our country.  The priorities of CNTD for the following period will consist in the working groups coordinated by the Council: government Cloud, electronic identity, digital transformation, AI and Big Data, digital competences, electronic billing, interoperability.

Part of the CNTD board are also representatives of IBM, Microsoft, UiPath, Bosch, Google, Dendrio, Smartbill, the Politechnical University of Bucharest, Conferederatioa Patronala Concordia, Asociatia Patronala a Industriei de Software si Servicii, Amcham and Strongbytes/Codecamp.

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