REINA PLUS ESCP participates in the 5th Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico Business Meeting

Submitted by Ander González on 05 April 2017

REINA PLUS ESCP participated in the 5th Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico Business Meeting on March 7 - 9 2017 in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. During the event, they met 11 Mexican companies and signed a Cooperation Agreement.

Merinova, the Cluster representing REINA PLUS ESCP during this matchmaking met with the following companies:

MARFIL: Biodigester upscaling of plant – raw material and feasibility study, plant design, construction

Jacob & Jacob: New products and technologies, especially solar PV

MIELOT: Food laboratory for honey, certification

QuimBiol: New technologies for water treatment

Toroza: Water treatment technologies with improved efficiency

GMS: Large scale biogas plant

RP&C: Wood residue processing technologies and plant construction + plastic recycling technologies.

NOPALIMEX: Cleaning technologies for biogas

INTEMA: Industrial waste water treatment (mining, pulp mills, food industries)

Focopla polimeros: New improved industrial process for material treatment

CIATEC: Technology transfer, technology development, innovation, company counselling services, human resources exchange.

Merinova and CIATEC agreed to sign a Cooperation Agreement on technology transfer, technology development, technical assistance and company counselling services, and human resources exchange.

Merinova will, together with the other partners in the Reina Plus European Energy Cluster Partnership, try to match the cluster companies with the technology needs of the Mexican companies met. This will be done during the period April - June 2017, and with the aim of signing “Cooperation Partnership Agreements” and application of grants for the joint company projects from the Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico initiative.

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