Publication of GCA's Internationalisation Strategy

Submitted by Benoit Hozjan on 07 October 2019

GCA's Internationalisation Strategy have been published in January 2019.

Here are the main results:  

1. Four target countries are selected: USA, Canada, China, South Korea

2. An analysis of the four sports markets and of the most relevant and potential targets in each target country is made (1. Right holders of pirmary content, e.g. sports leagues, sports clubs; 2. Distributors, e.g. TV broadcasters, stadium owners, internet giants and 3. Brands)

3. The GCA's Internationalisation Strategy has been created, which consists of 5 pillars:

   Pillar 1:  The GCA Brand Building / Brand Marketing (First the GCA Brand has to be build and promoted in the GCA markets)

   Pillar 2:  Strategic Partnership (1. with Global Brands/Global Players, e.g. FC Bayern München, Red Bull, SAP, IBM, etc.; 2. with key players in target countries; 3. with GCA network in target countries, regional or national, or EU representations) - (Strategic partnerships are at the core of the GCA Internationalisation Strategy and are decisive for the success of the Internationalisation Strategy. It is easier to enter the target countries together with them. They can be door openers.).

   Pillar 3:  Creation of a European Meta-Cluster (The creation of a European Meta-Cluster whose mission is to elaborate a common partnership and a common vision to support the development of SMEs.)

   Pillar 4: Identification of "Smart Venue" projects (in tree levels: 1. transregional proof of concept; 2. European proof of concept; 3. Internationalisation of projects and project holders;  this will be essential for the success of the project)

   Pillar 5: Identification of other Niches Markets (e.g. smart citiy or mobility)

4. Definition of Impacts and Indicators were made

5. Outlook (Next steps) towards GCA Implementation Plan was made

The Strategy can be downloaded online here:

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