Positive assessment of the SpaceWave cycle of workshops

Submitted by Pauline Théophane on 22 August 2018

On July, 9th and July, 17th 2018, four workshops have been organised by the SpaceWave consortium partners. The aim of the four workshop dealing with fisheries, aquaculture, monitoring and surveillance of maritime environment and coastal erosion and water-level rise was to validate and confirm the countries (Australia, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam) and high-potential sectors which have been previously analysed as well as to gather different stakeholders.

In total, there have been around 50 attendees:

  • 24 SMEs;
  • 7 research centres / University;
  • 1 mid-cap company;
  • 1 non-for-profit organisation;
  • 1 NGO;
  • 6 Governmental agencies;
  • 1 network;
  • 7 Large companies.

The different workshops enabled us to collect EO technologies and/or maritime applications SMEs and actors’ needs in terms of internationalisation.  

Following this cycle of workshops, the SpaceWave partners will continue to investigate on the 8 targeted countries and propose an internationalisation plan for their members.

Workshop "Earth Observation technologies applied to water-level rise and coastal erosion issues: use-case of the region of Mekong River Delta (Vietnam)" in Aerospace Valley premises (Toulouse, B612)

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