PIDA Publishes Compound Semiconductor Technology Roadmap

Submitted by Yuming Liu on 20 April 2021


PIDA Publishes Compound Semiconductor Technology Roadmap
To stress the importance of compound semiconductor ecosystem and push for future development, PIDA (Photonics Technology & Industry Development Association) held a Press Conference of "Compound Semiconductor Technology Roadmap" at the Taipei Garden Hotel on March 26 2021; which attracted more than 200 distinguished guests from industry, government, and academia to join the annual event.
The "Compound Semiconductor Technology Roadmap" report is the first publication written for compound semiconductor technology in Taiwan, which can be used as a reference for professional manufacturing, government policy, academic and research guidance. PIDA hopes to take this opportunity to gather interest parties to cooperate on the development of the core technology and to strengthen industrial chain of emerging compound semiconductors.
During the press conference, Kenneth Tai, chairman of PIDA, welcomed and introduced Ph. D. Edward Y. Chang, Dean of International College of Semiconductor Technology, NYCU, as a convener to invite scholars and experts to co-author to complete the "Compound Semiconductor Technology Roadmap" report. “Dr. Chang is key to the whole project, without him, we won’t be able to witness this milestone of Taiwan compound semiconductor era,” said Tai.
This report covers in-depth analysis of the latest technology development and industrial applications of compound semiconductors and also focuses on the next generation of high-frequency, high-power, wide band gap and other related semiconductor key materials, such as gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC) and other technologies and applications, The content includes material characteristics, epitaxy growth, communication and power semiconductor component manufacturing processes, future trends, related applications, inspection and reliability and other topics. Furthermore, this report features extensive industry maps of major compound semiconductor

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