Operational handbook to establish a European network of living labs

Submitted by Gus Verhaeghe on 30 October 2020

The backbone of the strategy to implement industry 4.0 in the European food sector is the establishment of a network of Living labs that support food companies, tech providers and digital solution providers to develop innovations for the food sector. These living lab infrastructure provide test before invest and skills and training services.

A network of living labs is the backbone of the Smart Senors 4 Agri-Food partnership (SS4AF)

This document describes the roadmap towards setting up a network of Living lab and focusses on 3 crucial questions: why, what and how. Furthermore, the ‘what’s in it form whom’ is described for all relevant stakeholders. This Operational handbook of Living Labs has been realized based on the joint efforts of the Connsensys and S3FOOD projects and is a crucial part of the strategy of the Smart Sensors 4 Agri –Food Partnership.

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