Online kick-off meeting

Submitted by Cristina Lepadatu on 25 November 2020

On the 28th-29th of September 2020 the BRIDGE project partners participated at the online kick-off meeting. 

The BRIDGE project partners are: Fondazione Torino Wireless (TOWL), Baden-Württemberg: Connected (bwcon), Association for Promoting Electronics Technology representing Electronics Innovation Cluster (APTE - ELINCLUS) and Foundation Cluster Information and Communication Technologies (ICT Cluster).

The general purpose of BRIDGE Project is to define a joint internationalisation strategy based on a shared European vision integrated with a global perspective and common goals. This will be achieved by meeting the following goals:

  • To build and consolidate a European Strategic Cluster Partnership that will be internationally recognized as an excellence hub on data-driven technologies (BRIDGE FROM CLUSTER BRIDGE FROM CLUSTER TO CLUSTERTO CLUSTER).
  • To establish the required trust between the start-ups and SMEs belonging to different clusters, which is needed to promote positive collaboration to help the Clusters’ companies in approaching (new) third markets (BRIDGE FROM BRIDGE FROM CLUSTERSCLUSTERS/ENTERPRISES/ENTERPRISES TO ENTREPRISESTO ENTREPRISES)
  • To promote the exchange of ideas, technology and innovation and support collaboration among European SMEs, enhancing cross-sectorial complementarities and sharing/adopting best practices in the field of data-driven industry (BRIDGE BRIDGE FROM ENTERPRISES TO FROM ENTERPRISES TO ENTREPRISESENTREPRISES).
  • To develop an international strategy to approach new third countries selected for their market potentials, capital opportunities, knowledge and expertise on data-driven field (focused on applications of AI and BC). The strategy to go international will be design in collaboration with the Clusters’ start-ups and SMEs with participatory methods to support dialogue and discussion and the co-design (BRIDGE FROM EU TO THIRD COUNTRIESBRIDGE FROM EU TO THIRD COUNTRIES).

The BRIDGE project expects to account, at the end of the 20 months of its duration, with the participation of 200 EU Cluster organisations, start-ups and SMEs which will have benefited from the actions developed during the project: events, workshops, joint-strategies, partnership agreements, etc. Furthermore, BRIDGE Consortium represents a total of circa 1.100 SMEs, which will benefit directly and indirectly of more international support services offered by the Clusters involved in order to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the European Union´s enterprises, encourage an entrepreneurial culture and promote the creation and growth of SMEs (an essential objective of the Europe 2020 programme and COSME’s in particular).

The partners presented their vision on reaching the projects objectives, target groups and results. For each work package an implementation plan and key actions were defined.

Group photo of the BRIDGE project partners from the kick-off meeting
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