New uses for drones: Reinforcing the surveillance of sensitive sites via RFID detection by drone

Submitted by CUTULLIC Samuel on 04 March 2022


The Normandy-based company DAE System, a member of CIDN and NAE, has tested an innovative way to detect and evaluate complex situations within sensitive sites in order to fight against intrusions and thus reinforce their safety and security.

The solution being tested consists of targeted data collection enhanced by communicating sensors using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, coupled with imagery embedded in a drone. The experiment, monitored by NAE and the Normandy Drones Innovation Center (CIDN), was conducted by the Normandy company DAE System. With expertise in mechatronics and aeronautics, this young company specializes in equipping air-land sensors, adapting and operating aerial drones to offer specific missions with dedicated technical and organizational solutions.

DAE System used the DJI Matrix Series 210 V2 drone, to which were added technological bricks specially designed and adapted during the test phase. An RFID reader and a camera were embedded on the drone. The data collected by detection from the active badges are interfaced with a data processing and analysis system thanks to a software layer (middleware) that is integrated into the existing ground station of the aerial drone system (illustration of the means mobilized below).

The results show a certain response capacity of the solution developed by DAE System if we compare it to the conventional means used. Where optical identification methods are no longer sufficient, RFID identification can bring a significant complementarity and open a new approach to information management and productivity improvement. The whole company is concerned by the implementation of this new solution: from the operator for the production management, to the industrial management for the management of organizational and security services, and this without requiring the shutdown of the site. More information here :…

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