Market Studies Available for Download

Submitted by Pauline Bruge on 03 December 2021


The Market Studies made available to you focus on 4 main topics:
● Importance of the selected markets in the international context: based on the previous research made through the SENTINEL Global Hospitality Opportunities Project and complemented with some updated information.
● The strategic value of the selected markets for European companies in the sectors represented at Welliance.
● The contribution of value from companies in the sectors represented in Welliance in selected markets.
● New Normal: New opportunities and challenges that may favor the presence of European companies in selected markets

The market overview available for download below focus on the three markets: the USA, South Africa and Mexico. For each market, you will find highly valuable information about:
- The new reality for internationalization strategy
- General strategies to access the selected market: How?
- Market Access Opportunities
- Some tips for internationalization within the framework of the Welliance project for the each market

You can download the Market Overview & Studies here:

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