The LOCALVINO project proves the feasibility of using Blockchain to improve traceability of wines through the appelations

Submitted by Eloi Montcada on 21 November 2022

The LOCALVINO project has developed a technological tool in the wine sector that integrates the entire value chain of the sector through the digitization and traceability of the product using cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain technologies. With the intention of eliminating food fraud, optimizing the harvesting process and its logistics and improving the certification and control of the product, providing the sector with a robust and reliable traceability system betting on innovation and digitalization.
Through this tool, all agents involved in the production and marketing of wine products will guarantee the origin and traceability of the products. In this way, the aim is to regain consumer confidence and increase the value of primary sector products.
The wineries are committed to ensuring the quality of the product they offer, starting with the selection of the best grape varieties from the vineyards and the best plots, and applying personalized viticulture processes. Viticulture depends, to a large extent, on random and detailed factors such as climate and climate change, pests, the variety of cultivation, the age or the geographical area of ​​production, in short, everything is encompassed by the terroir.
Passing, also, through the oenological processes that are enormously different between the different winemaking techniques and methodologies among the existing wineries, and, in turn, have enormous variability depending on the type of wine that is produced in view of the large typology of existing product classifications.
Including the inspection and control processes carried out by the Regulatory Councils, which control at all times the origin and quality of the products covered in their wine catalog, and providing them with the necessary tools to be able to deal with the management of an important volume of data that grows exponentially as it progresses through the value chain.
And ending with the consumer, who will be provided with a unique and unique guarantee certificate for each bottle of wine through a QR code available on each bottle of wine.
It should be noted that this project is absolutely unique and innovative, as it has not been possible to find anything similar anywhere in the world to date. Providing the Spanish wine sector with a tool that differentiates them from all other wine producers in the world, enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of a very relevant sector in our economy.
It is, then, a project included in the European strategy that bets on innovation and digitalization and that aims to: eliminate cases of food fraud, optimize the harvesting process and its logistics and improve the certification and control of the product, providing in the sector of a robust and reliable traceability system.

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