Kick-off with SMEs in Italy: Corporate Meeting SMART MOBILITY

Submitted by Silvana Sanfe… on 16 May 2018

Silvana Sanfeliu (Torino Wireless) presents the MobiGoIn-Action project in Turin

MobiGoIn-Action's Italian Kick-off event for SMEs was held on April 17th, 2018, as the 38th edition of the Corporate Meetings, a very successful format used by Torino Wireless for the Regional ICT Innovation Cluster (Polo ICT)'s networking activities. 

The event started with presentation of MobiGoIn-Action opportunities for SMEs and start-ups that have solutions and application in the smart mobility areas and are interested in following an internationalization path. The project and its objectives were presented to the 68 participants, which included small and medium companies, start-ups, large companies, research centers and other institutions of the territory.

Torino wireless organised the event using its corporate meeting format, which consists in a presentation of a current topic and area of interest related to ICT (in this case, Smart Mobility), followed by 10 to 12 companies presenting who they are, what they offer and what they are searching in a 5-minute pitch speech.

The pitches addressed different topics related to mobility, transportation and navigation. Not only solutions and products were presented but also new initiatives and projects. Below the titles of the presentations and the name of the companies:

MobiGoIn-Action B2B meetings

44 B2B meetings were held after the presentations and a networking moment. The B2Bs are one to one meetings that last 15 minutes, were the companies and participants have the opportunity to talk about common areas of interest and assess joint collaboration and cooperation opportunities.

MobiGoIn-Action received a direct Expression of interest from 13 participant companies (start-ups and SMEs), which filled out a form indicating the kind of smart mobility solutions they offer and countries and markets of interest.

The invitation, information about the event, including the presentations) can be found here:

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