IT4Life: help for those affected by the fire in the Dvorechanskyi district

Submitted by Olga Shapoval on 21 October 2020

Kharkiv IT Cluster keeps on raising funds within the IT4Life project to help those affected by the fire in the Dvorechanskyi district.

A little reminder: on the 2nd of September, a fire broke out on the territory of the Dvorechanskyi forestry in the village of Gorobievka. Because of the fire, 22 houses were destroyed and 33 people were left homeless.

Irina Borokhova and her husband, a member of the ATO, asked us to help them. The fire destroyed their house and all the property.

We have great news: on September 16th, a house was bought for the Borokhovy family and their children in the village of Gryanikovka, in the Kharkiv region.

We are glad that we were able to jointly help the family and give them a new house.

However, a huge number of families still do not have their own homes. Join the IT4Life project, because everyone can help!

You can transfer funds in two ways: On the IT4Life project website using the “Make a Contribution” button (please indicate the word “антипожар” as the purpose of payment). To the bank account of the BO BF “AYTI FOR LAYF” Code (EDPNOU) 43580628 Account number UA373515330000026004052140795 in Kharkiv GRU AT KB Privatbank, MFO 351533 Purpose of payment: “Irrevocable financial charitable assistance, according to the letter No. 4-9.7 dated 09/04/2020”.

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