InfoDay on Lump Sum: A Recap

Submitted by Marisa Fernández on 30 April 2023


On 13th April, the CircInWater held an Infoday to provide information about the Lump Sum Scheme, with a special focus on the Innovation Lump Sum, whose call will remain open until the 31st May 2023. The event attracted more than 60 attendees who were interested in learning about the Innovation lump sum funding conditions, the application process in the CircInWater submission platform, and the evaluation process of the scheme.

During the session, Marisa Fernandez provided a general view of CircInWater scope, funding opportunities available for SMEs and challenges identified. Stefan Bergsma went into detail on the Innovation lump sum – guide for applicants, making special remarks on the most important information on the document. Oriane Marchal explained the sections and information required in the Application form. In the end, Marisa Fernández introduced the CircInWater submission platform and provided some insights about how to manage it to submit an application successfully.

The Infoday was a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about the funding schemes of CircInWater, especially about the Innovation lump sum, providing valuable and practical recommendations for SMEs who are considering applying for this funding scheme.

If you missed the Infoday, don't worry! Both the presentation and the recording of the session are available for all SMEs interested in applying to the CircInWater Innovation lump sum.  
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