IMPACT Connected Car at AUTONOMY & The Urban Mobility Summit! (Summary video)

Submitted by Raquel Carro on 16 December 2019

IMPACT Connected Car celebrated at AUTONOMY Paris 2019 & The Urban Mobility Summit their second Pioneer Awards Ceremony on October 17th. 

The €15.000 award was handed over by Virginie Perron, as the Project Officer of the European Commission from this project, and Better World was selected as the winner.

Daniel Ritter, Co-founder & CEO of the winning startups, identified a simple challenge that their solution addresses: Carmakers who want to increase their customer-centricity need to focus on their feedback management processes and this is where Better World comes in. They enable carmakers to be customer-centric through AI-based feedback management in a 3-step process: First, the feedback is collected inside the car makers’ organizations, on the web, and through the connected car; then is analyzed with their own AI / NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms; finally, a structured and efficient browsing experience is provided, as a result of the analyses, for the teams in organizations, along business use-cases with measurable ROI.

Better World offers an end-to-end feedback management solution, specifically dedicated to the automotive sector. This means that feedback is collected from the sources specifically adapted to the automotive industry, especially vocal feedback. 

The main use cases are focused on product, allowing to define the specification of products and services; manufacturing, to improve the efficiency of factories, leveraging the insights of operators; service, adjusting it to the customer's expectations; and quality, detecting and correcting actions earlier and faster. 

Check out a summary of the event and awards ceremony in our video!


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