How Media Evolution gets their members to thrive using diversity and gender equality as a tool in the day-to-day work

Submitted by Lucia Seel on 13 June 2018

Why is diversity important?

At Media Evolution, we firmly believe that diversity and gender equality is the base for a democratic and prosperous world. Being situated in Malmö, a city with 178 nationalities represented and with 48% of the people living here being under 35 years old, it is crucial to be aware of the possibilities created by having diverse groups and what the consequences are when people are excluded from different parts of the society. Families with children are also less likely to move away from here than from the other big cities. That makes the region's potential unique, and we need to become better at not excluding competent people. For us, it is essential and vital to make use of the region’s largely untapped competence resources.

In a rapidly changing and globalized world, companies need new perspective/ideas on how to prepare for the challenges ahead. Whether you are growing, aiming to stay relevant, introducing yourself to new markets, or if you just want to keep developing creative ideas – you need a diverse organization.

Working close to our members for several years with issues regarding innovation and growth we know that diversity is one of the most important factors for reaching new levels of innovation and growth. Not only because it is a matter of democracy but also because companies need to find competent people to recruit, to reach out to new target groups and to try out new ideas.  

At Media Evolution, we have set our strategic goals to reach by 2020. One of them focuses on gender equality and diversity. It states that by 2020:

“Media Evolution is a gender equal organization and diversity constitutes a central part of its operations. Both to improve the international competitiveness and to make use of the region’s largely untapped competence resources”. 

We haven’t been yet the best at doing this, but we believe that diversity makes the difference for smarter and more innovative companies. As it happens, diversity enhances and enables creativity. 

Media Evolution

What we concretely do?

Media Evolution offers different kinds of services to support companies and organizations in the development of strategies, untangle knots and inspire to put words into action. We organize lectures, programs, workshops or steer collaborative processes.

Our lectures mainly focus on how to work in regard with gender equality and diversity. Together, we explore how this can - in different ways - strengthen the organizational structures of our members. Based on the organization's needs we help define issues and tailor a lecture, workshop or collaborative process specifically for the identified needs. 

In the lectures, we talk about diversity and equality from different points of view. It can be about communication, recruitment, organizational norms or how diversity makes businesses thrive. We also offer different kinds of programs (3, 5 or 10 steps) that are designed with the purpose of getting the whole organization on-board the diversity train.

If you want to learn more, you can contact Aurora Percovich Gutierrez at aurora [at] 

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