Food Products Quality Cluster is a co-founder of Latvian Clusters Network

Submitted by Armands Lejas-… on 05 July 2019

1st July, 2019 was important day for Sector Clusters of Latvia. Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Clusters Cooperation in Latvia. Memorandum was signed by 13 leading Latvian Sector Clusters: Food Product Quality Cluster, Latvian Health Tourism Cluster, CleanTech Latvia, Latvian IT Cluster, Latvian Export Cluster, Green-tech Latvia, Enter Gauja, Latvian electronics and electrical engineering cluster, Latvian Life Sciences Development Cluster, Latvian Security and Defence Cluster, Metalworking cluster, Print and media technology cluster, Latvian wood construction cluster.

Main objective is to strengthen Sector Clusters in Latvia.

Common activities:

  • Development of Latvian Clusters Network
  • Representation Latvian Clusters at international level
  • Join to European Alliance of National Cluster Associations
  • Cooperation between Sector Clusters in Latvia
  • Develop common initiatives, projects and events at Latvian and International level
  • Strengthen cooperation and coordinated actions for Cluster development in Latvia

Representative of the Latvian Clusters Network – Armands Lejas-Krumins (armands.lejas-krumins [at] )

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Food Products Quality Cluster
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