Five Danish companies awarded project funding for development of space technologies

Submitted by Sofie Jensen on 10 February 2021


GOMSpace, Space Inventor, Gatehouse, Quadsat and Force Technology - five innovative Danish companies have been awarded project funding of a total of DKK 21 million (approximately € 3 million) through the European Space Agency, ESA, and The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Thereby getting the opportunity to develop their individual project ideas of space technology with a global market potential.
Four of the five supported companies belong to the so-called New Space segment and invest in new groundbreaking technologies that help to strengthen Denmark's role in the space area globally.
Three of the companies belong to a kind of New Space cluster in North Jutland. The concentration of New Space companies in North Jutland is largely due to the collaboration with Aalborg University, where several of the companies' founders have completed their studies.
New Space is the increasing trend of commercialization of the of the space sector, where it is no longer only states and international organizations that drive technological development, but instead new competitive companies in many cases lead the innovation.
Aalborg University also participates in a new space program for students at four Danish universities. The program is established with support from the Danish Industry Foundation and gives students the opportunity to participate in the development and launch of three nanosatellites. The program will help attract more young people to the space area and New Space.

The Danish membership of the European Space Agency, ESA, has for many years given Danish companies and knowledge institutions unique opportunities to develop technology on Danish soil in areas such as satellites, telecommunications systems and applications that use data from space. The evaluation of the projects has emphasized that they are innovative, competitive and contribute to solving societal challenges. Applicants must now, together with ESA, work on completing the project descriptions before they can enter the final contracts. The first results are expected in 1-2 years.

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