First mission to international destination CANADA

Submitted by CUTULLIC Samuel on 08 November 2022


Thanks to CCI Française au Canada Julien Tougeron, MBA ; William De Keiser Créneau d'excellence sur les drones civils et commerciaux ; Aéro Montréal ; Mitacs Oliverio Velazquez, Ph.D. ; Rosalie Masella Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada ; Tyto Robotics ; Philippe Lorenzi IONODES ; for giving us an overview of the drone sector in Canada and its market opportunities.
Finally we really enjoyed the #VISITS to #CTA ÉNA | École nationale d'aérotechnique and Immervision - see more, smarter amazing infrastructures 🔝🔝
Results of our mission soon 👉
#innovation #science #opportunities #development #canada #drones
Skywin NAE (Normandie AeroEspace) ANDALUCÍA AEROSPACE Cluster Empresarial…

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