FGOI - Cluster visit in Sweden (8-9 September), organised by the Interior Cluster Sweden

Submitted by Ciprian Morcan on 12 July 2022

FGOI Cluster Visit - Sweden

Representatives of the FGOI consortium will attend on 7-8 September a cluster visit organised by Interior Cluster Sweden, in the in the context of sharing knowledge about the European furniture market, support networking among European delegations and facilitate the formation of collaborative partnerships between participants.

The visit will be organised in the context of Stockholm Design Week 2022, during which industry insiders and the public are invited to attend design events, exhibitions, open studios and talks.

The participants at the cluster visit will be introduced to new contacts, obtain a more profound understanding of why Swedish well-known brands made an impact internationally as well as give an insight into modern production plants and supply chain management. Moreover, participants will also gain a better understanding of Swedish furniture design and manufacturing history, how sustainability perspectives developed to form the Swedish design nation of today.

Activities within the cluster visits organised by FGOI will also take place online on the project's official platform for networking, matchmaking and hybrid events. More details coming soon!

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For information about the full cluster visit, contact [email protected].

The official website of the project: https://fgoi.eu/

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