European Training Foundation: Call for Learning & Training Resources

Submitted by ECCP Team on 05 August 2022


The European Training Foundation (ETF) has launched a programme called UA Re-Emerge(ncy): e-learning and skills development to rebuild Ukraine, supported by Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science.


The call is open to collect teaching and training materials in the following priority areas: energy efficiency, construction and restoration, and green energy Initially the geographical focus will be on the Dnipropetrovsk region in its initial phase, with plans aiming to be rolled out in other regions at a later stage.


The purpose is to collect and adapt professional short modules and other e-learning resources from the EU and EU neighbouring countries, which will give Ukrainian learners the opportunity to enrol in high-quality vocational e-learning, reskilling and upskilling courses. Thus, this is not so much about formal education but more about how short modules can be of help for specific job profiles.

What are they looking for?

They are collecting vocational learning experiences, micro courses, professional short modules and other e-learning resources from EU member states and EU neighbouring countries, as well as globally, which can provide Ukrainian learners (both inside and outside the country) with the opportunities to acquire micro-credentials. These training modules and materials should support blended learning in a variety of forms including online, offline, self-study or in-company. Materials could include:

  • theoretical and practical training material for learners (short professional online training modules, video and audio materials, static and animated learning tools, reading materials, simulations, XR/VR-based modules, etc.);

  • teacher/tutor guides and support materials;
  • assessment and certification material, etc.
Further information

More info is available here.

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