Euroclusters for Thriving Creative and Cultural Industries - 1st Call for financial support to CCIs SMEs

Submitted by Giovanni Scaramuzzo on 17 March 2023


The CREATHRIV-EU Euroclusters for Thriving Creative and Cultural Industries has received funding from the EU’s Single Market Programme under Grant Agreement 101074265.

CREATHRIV-EU is a European cross-regional joint cluster initiative that aims at strengthening the European Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) and bringing it back on the sustainable growth path after the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid pandemic has exacerbated several issues within the ecosystem that need to be addressed in order for the CCIs to play their vital contribution to the twin transition (Green and Digital) and, in turn, to the growth of the whole EU. Despite this, CCIs remain a very important sector for the whole EU, that can generate growth and employment thanks to their high dynamics and the possibility to interact and fertilise all the other economic sectors. On the one hand, we’re observing an upward trend in the demand for creative products. On the other hand, there are many studies that indicate that creativity is one of the paramount soft skills to gain to remain competitive in the job market due to our world’s fast-changing nature. The combination of hard-skills with soft-skills is in the interest of policy makers, businesses and academia for having a more resilient EU, in which clusters in the CCIs can definitively play an important role.

CREATHRIV-EU Consortium brings together clusters with a background in creative and cultural industry (CCI)s and ICT. It will strengthen current and develop new cross-sectoral industrial value chains within CCIs through a combination of actions. A cascade funding scheme, consisting in grants and prizes, will financially support SMEs for acquiring services such as business consultancy and training, travelling within and outside EU or implementing pilot projects in the field of green and digital transition.



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