EuroBoosTEX, accelerating the digital and ecological transition in the textile industry

Submitted by Sonia Descoins on 24 October 2022

EuroBoosTEX press release

EuroBoosTEX is a European partnership that aims to accelerate the dual green and digital transition of European textile SMEs and boost their international competitiveness.

EuroBoosTEX Joint European initiative in support of the textile industry for European recovery through digital and ecological transition has started with its kick-off meeting held in Valencia on September 15th and 16th2022.
The project will run until September 2025. EuroBoosTEX has received funding from SMP programme under Grant Agreement 101074671.

The project EuroBoosTEX
The main objective of EuroBoosTEX is to connect textile ecosystems across EU regions to strengthen value
chains, stimulate innovation, internationalisation at SME level, and facilitate industrial transformation
towards a greener and digital future.
The project aims to drive change and make European textile value chains more resilient in the post-Pandemic
period by providing SMEs with a set of tools to improve their innovation potential, technology adoption, skills
acquisition and internationalisation.
Project actions
The project has a total budget of 1.4 million euros and 1.050 million euros are directly targeted to support EU textile SMEs.

They will be focus on:
− Animating a European textile network for resilience and generating growth opportunities for SMEs.
− Fostering innovation for strategic autonomy by funding new products or services,
− Support the adoption of advanced digital technologies,
− Explore international opportunities in Australia,
− Support the reskilling of the textile workforce and build skills through training

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