EU Cluster Mission to the USA - Follow up

Submitted by Martina Maria … on 17 July 2018

After attending the “EU Cluster Mission to the USA” we had the possibility to keep the contacts with American clusters and enhance the collaboration among two territories. Both in Autumn and in March we met The Maritime Alliance cluster in Venice and London and we discussed about tools and means to link the two territories and respective enterprises. Forthcoming, in March in Rome, a dedicated networking event was organized among Italian and American enterprises and other research centers and aggregation players. We had the possibility to meet again The Maritime Alliance and also to meet the cluster MIST, with them we shared ideas of collaboration and events or initiatives organized by both sides that could be joined and diffused not only by clusters but also to enterprises. In this sense, the mission to the USA has represented for us an important moment to strengthen relations and to increase cooperation and exchange of best practices. Enterprises had an overview of stakeholders active in technology and production sectors, their role, how to get in contact with them and how be supported to relate and collaborate with them.

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