ELBE Alliance organises a webinar for European companies to present the offshore wind market reports developed in the project ELBE PLUS

Submitted by Ander González on 22 June 2021


On June 3, ELBE Alliance organised a webinar to present the market studies of the offshore wind sector developed by the company TRACTEBEL (Engie Group). A presentation was made for each market study: the floating offshore wind market in the US, the floating offshore wind market in the most advanced countries in Asia (Taiwan, South Korea and Japan) and the bottom-fixed offshore wind market in emerging countries (South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil and India).

One of the main objectives of the ELBE Alliance is to develop specific and useful market reports that provide competitive differential intelligence to European companies, helping them to identify business opportunities and internationalization in the blue energy sector. Through this webinar, the ELBE Alliance has presented these market reports to more than 100 participants, all of them European entities and members of the alliance, with a focus in this case on companies related to the offshore wind energy sector.

Tractebel, creator of the three market reports, summarized the conclusions and the most important information collected in these reports. The presentation of the report of the floating offshore wind market in the United States highlighted the opportunities of this sector on the west coast of the country, the resources of the area, the plans of the western states in floating offshore wind and the projects that are already underway. The presentation of the report of the floating offshore wind markets in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, also focused on the resources and plans of the three countries, the projects they have underway, as well as the opportunities for European companies to fill in the gaps in their value chains. Finally, the presentation of the bottom-fixed offshore wind market study in emerging countries summarized the opportunities and offshore wind resources of the five countries selected for the study: South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil and India. The opportunities, unlike floating offshore wind, are for different and possibly closer products to market for some companies already working in offshore wind in Europe. These three market studies, developed by Tractebel and verified and analyzed by the ELBE Alliance, are available in full to the members the Alliance.

The ELBE Alliance brings together seven leading European blue energy clusters. Its objective is to help position Europe as a global technological and industrial leader in Blue Energy by supporting the internationalization of European SMEs and other relevant stakeholders, with a focus on North America (USA and Canada) and Asia (Japan, South Korea and Taiwan).

This activity is part of the ELBE PLUS project (GA - 951148), which has received funding from the COSME Program of the European Union (2014-2020).

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