Commercial Mission to China

Submitted by Enric Pedrós on 05 June 2017

INTRODUCTION:  Within the context of a rebounding global economy, and a re-newed commitment to push science and technology to catalyze sustainable and inclusive commercial and economic development, Natureef is developed as a Sino-European network of clusters focusing on agriculture and resource re-use and efficiency. Natureef will be a bridge for China and Europe to cooperate, business to business, cluster to cluster, country to country, continent to continent.

The mandate of Natureef is to increase scientific and commercial relationships at the nexus of innovation, encourage cooperation between innovators and scientists, promote joint development between Chinese and European research and industrial structures to achieve market-oriented commercialization, and promote mutual market access, all towards the goal of supporting sustainable agricultural development. Through a variety of services facilitating business to business brokerage, joint research, and industry to people links, Natureef will operate as a key mechanism between China and Europe on agriculture and resource efficiency and use.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Natureef European Strategic Cluster Partnership is to design a mechanism on cross-sectoral, globalized, cluster and business cooperation within the fields of agriculture and natural resource use, efficiency, and protection. In line with the Chinese government’s One Belt One Road initiative, the Natureef project will connect China and Europe specifically in the areas of exchange of technologies, business opportunities, market access, and policy development. 

ACTIVITIES: For the European side, Natureef will facilitate China market access and the internationalization of small and medium sized companies (SMEs) through mentoring and dissemination of their innovative technologies. For the Chinese side, Natureef will provide opportunities for Chinese industry, research and policy to work with Europe to develop new and efficient ways to use and protect China’s increasingly depleting natural resources. The project will develop and strengthen the cooperation among the clusters and SME members as a result of the development of a sister cluster in China, Fujian, B2B meetings, technology exchange, commercialization, and in-depth collaboration on joint projects. 

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