CENTURION: Equipment for tomorrow's soldiers.

Submitted by Giulia Barbagelata on 17 January 2022


A whole ecosystem of about twenty partners, including Safran, Thales, are working alongside the French Directorate General of
Armaments to develop the innovations of the Centurion programme.
The French Directorate General of Armaments also relies on regional players, formed to bring together skills in a given territory. It thus approached Techtera to disseminate the CENTURION project to its entire network in order to raise awareness of the #defence world among its members, to encourage the uptake of innovations that were previously dedicated to the civilian world and to put them in contact with the armed forces. On 5 January, Techtera launched a call for skills open to the entire French textile industry with a view to applications in ballistics, anti-perforation and shrapnel protection.
More information: https://www.forcesoperations.com/centurion-comment-la-dga-thales-et-saf…

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