The Catalan Water Partnership, with the support of ACCIO, has organized a mission to Singapore and Indonesia from July 15th to 19th

Submitted by Xavier Amores on 09 August 2019

The CWP, together with seven companies and entities, has participated in a mission of one week of duration, which has been co-organized with the ACCIO office based in Singapore. During the mission, it has been possible to visit Singapore and assist to Indowater fair in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Createch360º, Bluephage, UNEX, Craley Group, Keiken Engineering, Spin and Catalan Water Agency have been together with the Catalan Water Partnership in Singapore, a reference country in water management and reuse.

CWP and their members met with the most important actors in water sector as the PUB (The National Water Agency) and the Singapore Water Association.

B2B meetings were organized among the CWP partners and the associations, and presentations of Catalan companies took place in order to raise awareness of the last technologies in the water management promoted in Catalonia.

On the other hand, PUB showed some of the main R&D programmes of the Singapore (which comprise a portfolio of more than 724M$ since 2002 just in water), innovative initiatives like the testing spaces and tests that PUB share with the most important companies worldwide, the accelerator to promote entrepreneurship in water sector, research centres and the policies that brought Singapore a leader and a technological hub of water in the world. 

The visit to the country concluded with a meeting in NEWATER the water reuse plant that is, at the same time, a centre of interpretation of this technology for all the Singapore citizens.

This mission is a previous step for a participation of CWP to the Singapore International Water Week in 2020. The final part of the mission allowed the visit of Indowater in Jakarta, a fair with more than 400  companies focused in the water sector. The mission finalized with a meeting with the directive board of the Indonesian Water Association, which is integrated for more than 500 companies from the country and dedicated to the whole water cycle and management.

The mission had the support of the ACCIO office and allowed an important advance in the prospective in both markets from all the participants. This mission is the partially the result of the visit that CWP had already done on 2017 in the framework of the Strategic Training Week for the Catalonian clusters.

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