The Catalan Water Partnership is organizing open virtual sessions in the context of COVID-19 and the water management with more than 1000 participants

Submitted by Xavier Amores on 29 April 2020

From the beginning of the sanitary emergency situation and in order to confront the resulting challenges in the development of business activities, the Catalan Water Partnership ( is organizing virtual seminar of different topics within the water field. These webinars enable the knowledge transference within the water sector while promoting the visibility of our partners and completely available to anyone interested. From April 24 and up to date, the CWP has organized 9 webinars aimed at the water sector. More than 1000 water professionals have registered these webinars and with a rising number of participants. Topics of a high interest in the current situation have been addressed like the water management in the present COVID-19 situation with the participation of recognized experts in this subject such as Dr. Rosina Gironès, full professor in the Microbiology Department of the University of Barcelona, and distinguished researchers in the Technological center Eurecat, among other entities. Sessions with the collaboration of the Catalan Water Agency, where Mr Lluís Ridao, the director of this public company, presented the measures that are being taken by the local administration in Catalonia to face the Sars-Cov-2. Moreover, webinars devoted to the digitalization of the water sector, circular economy and water management in the food sector with the support of many food clusters in Spain, or even how to improve the efficiency in the water management in pools and recreative infraestructures coorganized with the sports’ cluster INDESCAT. All these topics have been well received and appreciated by the participants.

In the current situation, the CWP has decided to make all its content available for anyone interested aiming at helping the water sector both in keeping everyone updated in the new technologies related to the sustainable use of water and in reporting on how to face the COVID-19 challenge. In this sense, the CWP is as well promoting the coordination of many public and private actors for developing innovative projects and R&D in the health-water nexus considering the impact of the Sars-Cov-2.

All the webinars have been recorded and can be found in the vimeo channel of the CWP ( The CWP continues programming new webinars, given the postponement of the confinement situation, related to the fields of circular economy, digitalization, internationalization or the maintenance of infrastructures in water plants. We encourage anyone interested in these subjects to subscribe to the CWP newsletter in order to keep track on the activities and news within the water sector.

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