Case study Artisan Chocolaterie Legast - Participation NF4 Innovation Tour China

Submitted by Isabelle Grommet on 20 June 2019

For numerous traditional occasions, Chinese people need offer gits, for instance at New Year, Spring Festival, a time when people exchange greeting by offering little treats. Small gifts and/or souvenirs are also presented to relatives, teachers, friends, when visiting people etc. At the same time, chocolates, especially luxury ones are becoming a ‘must’ to buy in order to show their love to partner. Belgian chocolate is associated with high quality and it is also a byword for luxury, the growing middle-class consumers in China and the new generation of consumers which has a deeper understanding of chocolate (taste, manufacturing process and culture) will probably lead to an increase in chocolate consumption turning to high quality products.

These opportunities have conducted Thibaut Legast and Patricia Forero owners of the “Artisan Chocolaterie Legast” to participate the China innovation organized by the NF4 consortium on May.

The creations of the Legast house are the result of two generations of passionate artisans. Far from large-scale production circuits, their choice fell on a careful selection of quality raw materials. With 15 years of experience in chocolate, Thibaut Legast is distinguished by the quality and finesse of its productions. With his wife Patricia who had had worked for years with Colombian farmers to develop quality cocoa, she plays a crucial role in post-harvest procedures, selection of varieties and the establishment of lasting relationships with Latin American producers.

This mission in China is the first step for opening the market, they thank the NF4 consortium for “facilitating the experience which has been very interesting”. All received information from the consumers, local players and the visited companies are constructive and motivating for innovation, such as new perspectives, ideas for new food products, etc. “the networking within the delegation is also interesting”.

Under the name of the NF4 consortium, we wish you nothing but the best success in the future!

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