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Submitted by Ghita Chraibi on 23 October 2020

The Cluster of Electronics, Mechatronics and Mechanics of Morocco - CE3M - is organizing on November 4, 2020, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and GIZ Morocco TAMIII, an international forum under the theme: collaborative projects in the MedTech sector; a source of opportunities.

This webinar will be held in partnership with Maroc PME, CCG, University Mohamed V of Rabat, R&D Maroc association, ANIMA, the Next society, the American Moroccan Competencies Network and other actors in the innovation ecosystem in Morocco. The international MedTech forum aims to:

  • Present the national and international MedTech market and the opportunities it offers,
  • Encourage the emergence of new MedTech projects in Morocco,
  • Federate MedTech initiatives in Morocco,

The conference program, led by national and international experts, will cover the international and national context of the MedTech sector and opportunities for local integration, testimony of national and international experts, examples of projects carried by CE3M and its partners and Mechanisms to support innovation in this sector.

The forum will also include B2B sessions, on november 25th, allowing preselected Moroccan MedTech start-ups to present their innovations to national and international buyers and investors in order to build partnership and raise funding.

In the framework of the forum’s main goals, the Cluster CE3M is seeking partners to develop with collaborative project in the MedTech sector, investigate new innovation, R&D, and business collaboration related the CE3M topics and cooperation on projects funded by EU.

The Cluster is open to approaches from companies, research centers, clusters and other NGOs.

Further information are available on and registration to the webinar are open until November 3rd via this link  


Nouredine Bouyaakoub

General Manager CE3MBouyaakoub [at] +212 6 62 07 09 47

Ghita Chraibi Chargée de Mission & CommunicationChraibi [at] +212 6 66 93 68 96

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