Call for Expression of Interest (EoI) for SILEO Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators

Submitted by Ciprian Morcan on 08 March 2023

Call for Expression of Interest (EoI)

The SILEO Consortium is launching a Call for Expression of Interest (EoI) to identify and select technology providers and digitalisation experts to support SMEs in Business Digital Transformation projects and Advanced Technology Uptake Projects!
Becoming part of the SILEO Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators will make it possible for you to be chosen by a SME beneficiary for its SILEO Business Digital Transformation Project, and/or Advanced Technology Uptake Projects, as well as ensure you visibility in Europe as being part of SILEO international expert database.

If you represent a public or private legal entity with at least 3 years of experience and part of the following typology:
- knowledge and technology providers;
- tech-savvy companies (technology companies);
- Digital Innovation Hubs;
- Competence Centers;
- Academia: Universities, specific research groups, etc;
- research centers and up-scaling entities;
- freelance professionals registered as legal persons.
Complete the Expression of Interest (attachment) in English and send it by email to the representatives for your country of reference:…

For the 1st SILEO Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects, the SILEO Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators will support SME beneficiaries in accessing to the following expert services as:

a) General expert consultancy on company digitalisation processes;
b) Specific expert consultancy on identified advanced technology(ies) and/or digitalisation process(es) to concretely explore its potential uptake at the company level, its implementation procedure into the firm operations and scale of investment;
c) General expert consultancy for business transformation and market analysis.

For the upcoming SILEO Open Call for Advanced Technology Uptake Projects, the SILEO Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators shall support SME beneficiaries in the following activities:
a) Prototyping of new products using the selected advanced technology;
b) Testing the new digital solution(s) and/or advanced technology(ies) application in specific company production / manufacturing / commercialization / management processes and its / their effective demonstration (pilot application).
If you need additional information, contact us at:
Marta Krakowiak, ELCA, E-mail: [email protected]
Alberto Sozza, ELCA, E-mail: [email protected]

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