Submitted by Katherina Ulrich on 16 February 2022

Group exchange AquaTech2

The first BLUES group exchange was organised in November 2021 between 2 French companies (BIO-UV and Compose IT) and one Spanish company (ACAI) as visiting organisation and the Water Alliance cluster from the Netherlands as hosting organisation.

The 3-day exchange in combination with the fair visits was a great opportunity to create relationships and opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing, and business improvement. Furthermore, the new markets were interesting for all participants to expand their network/market into other regions/countries. The visiting organisations expanded their network in the field of water/wastewater treatment and innovative composite tanks and facilitate future business partnerships and collaborations. Moreover, BIO-UV, Compose IT and ACAI got a much better understanding of the Dutch water market and could enhance the market access in the Netherlands.

This exchange was a very good opportunity for the visiting organisations to promote their expertise and knowledge in the broader field of water technology and demonstrate their solutions in the specific water sectors of the 3 companies (water treatment specialists, innovative composite tanks, and biodisk wastewater treatment specialist).

  • Are you also looking for creating stronger cooperation and relationships?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to expand your market and to enhance your market access in other countries?
  • Would you like to combine this with a fair visit?

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