Block.IS Open Call Officially Launched!

Submitted by Danijel Pavlica on 05 September 2019

Block.IS is a new acceleration programme that aims to build an open and collaborative cross-border, cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem that fosters the use of blockchain technology in three vital sectors for the European economy: agrifood, logistics and finance. Block.IS accelerator will support SMEs and start-ups from the ICT sector all the way from ideation to commercialisation offering them tailored business and technical support as well as direct funding.


Block.IS Open Call LaunchedAre you ready to start your Block.IS Journey?

Block.IS will organise two Open Calls to attract, select and fund the best of the best SMEs to generate blockchain-based products, processes and business models with strong market potential in the sectors of agri-food, logistics and finance. Selected startups and SMEs will start an “Innovate • Experiment • Commercialise” stages programme. • The selected 45 SMEs per call (90 in total) are first challenged to create sound business plans that are presented to an Innovation Event/Clusters-Innovators Assembly during the INNOVATE phase. • These are filtered and Top-23 per call (46 in total in both open calls) move on to the EXPERIMENT phase where they receive all technical and business support and additional funding. They will end up with a validated MVP prototype (TRL 4-6) and a business plan, which are used to evaluate/select the Top-10 applications per call (20 in total) towards COMMERCIALISE phase. • This structured holistic approach allows the best and most promising concepts to accelerate, achieve growth and market uptake, while all SMEs receive support and advice to improve their entrepreneurial skills and potential.It should be underlined that in case of any Force Majeure (i.e. any unforeseeable exceptional situation or event beyond the Block.IS consortium control), the final number of proposals entering each phase might be different.

More information about the Open Call:

Block.IS | Open Call


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