Astypalea: On-demand & shared mobility for an entire island

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 19 May 2023

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Astypalea, a picturesque Greek island, has taken a significant step towards a sustainable future by relaunching its local transportation system. The new integrated approach brings together a more sustainable mix of different types of mobility modes and electric vehicles, all accessible through shared and on-demand services. This innovative transportation project aims to support the island’s decarbonisation, reduce traffic congestion, and mitigate parking pressure.


As the world is becoming more environmentally conscious, traditional transportation practices need to adapt. Astypalea faces the challenge of restructuring its local transport system to become more environmentally friendly while catering to the needs of both locals and the influx of visitors. The goal is to replace the fixed, scheduled line with a flexible, demand-responsive shuttle solution and introduce a fleet of shared electric vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and e-bikes.


The mobility solution by, a company specialising in smart transportation, is broken into three parts:

1. The end-user app – Users have access to two services: AstyGO vehicle sharing (cars, e-bikes, and mopeds) and ASTYBUS on-demand (shuttle service). Users can book and pay for rides on any of these transportation services.

2. The driver-app – The shuttles’ drivers use a separate app that focuses on their side of the operation.

3. The back-office – This consists of a central platform for operational tasks and fleet management.

Customers can pay per ride or opt for a flat-rate price plan. Astypalea also offers a yearly €60 ticket for residents to utilize all the services.


The upgraded transportation system started its operations in 2022 and covers the metropolitan area of Astypalea, Greece. The project’s duration is intended to be permanent, embracing a greener, more sustainable transportation environment for the island.


Astypalea’s new transportation model is an example of other cities and islands worldwide that face similar challenges in transportation and sustainability. By improving the local transport system and making it more environmentally friendly, Astypalea has set a precedent for what a green, sustainable future could look like for the rest of the world. With innovative solutions such as the smart mobility system by, it is evident that the opportunities to transform our modes of transportation and minimize their impact on the environment are boundless.

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